Energy Resistance Gear

There are five important types of energy damage in the game:

  • Fire
  • Acid
  • Lightning
  • Cold
  • Sonic

There are other types of damage but the five above are the ones that can be protected against with gear. Traps and NPC spell casters are the main sources of energy damage but there are additional environmental effects like lava to be aware of.

Resistance gear will subtract the amount of resistance on the item from the energy damage taken. If you have lesser acid resistance and a Kobold Shaman hits you with a Melf’s Acid Arrow for eight points of damage every two seconds three will be stopped and you will only take five HP damage. Items come in five different strengths (substitute one of the types above for ‘[Energy]’):

  • Lesser [Energy] Resistance reduces damage by three
  • [Energy] Resistance reduces damage by ten
  • Improved [Energy] Resistance reduces damage by twenty
  • Greater [Energy] Resistance reduces damage by thirty
  • Superior[Energy] Resistance reduces damage by forty

The ‘Resist Energy’ and ‘Protection from Energy’ spells available to casters will block similar amounts but resistance items and speels do not stack, only the highest rating will be effective.

Only certain types of gear can be Energy Resistance items:

  • Armour
  • Cloaks
  • Rings
  • Shields

Unless you are a caster with the Resist Energy spell up it is vital to have set of items that will protect you from fire, acid and lightning damage as a minimum. NPC casters in dungeons as low as level four will use Lightning bolt for thirty to sixty plus damage and Melf’s Acid Arrow is another favourite at low levels. Without a Rogue or Artificer in the party the only way through many traps is to take the damage.

Gear can be found in dungeons, crafted, or bought from the auction houses (search for ‘resistance’). I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have some energy resistance, taking buckets of spell or trap damage is the numder one way to get oneshotted in the game, especially if you’re a squishy character without toughness or a high Constitution.