Veteran Advice

You may be tempted to ask for advice on the forums and unlike a lot of games the DDO forumgoers are a pretty decent crowd fro giving out advice. However there is something you need to remember about this advice.

The veterans assume you’re in a party and that you followed the most optimal build and that you’re in a high level guild with a full set of ship buffs and that you have all the best possible gear for your level and that you know the game inside out.

If you bear that in mid then the veteran advice is sound. However if you don’t meet all those points then there is something you can do to compensate.


If you’re not in a party then you absolutely need a hireling to keep you alive. Get a Cleric or Favoured Soul (or a Bard at a pinch) and they will usually keep you healed through any tough fights.


It’s fairly easy to get buffs from potions and wands provided you make sure you smash every breakable chest, vase, urn, or other dungeon debris and collect everything that drops. This will give you a decent start of potions to use when times are hard. More potions and wands can be bought from vendors.


There’s not a lot you can do about this other than read up on what is required, search the auction house, beg, borrow and steal what you need.