Apefolk are just as at home in rigging of a ship as in the upper branches of a tree. Their natural weapons are their powerful fists (1D8 slam).

  • Medium:      As Medium creatures, anthromals have no special bonuses or penalties due      to their size.
  • Base      land speed is 30 feet
  • Natural      weapon: The character has a natural weapon such as a claw, bite, or slam.      This attack does 1D6 damage and criticals on a 20. The character is considered      to be armed even when unarmed that is, the character does not provoke      attacks or opportunity from armed opponents when he attacks them while      unarmed. However, the character still gets an attack of opportunity      against any opponent who makes an unarmed attack on the character.
  • Automatic      Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: none.
  • Favored      Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass anthromal takes an      experience point penalty, his or her highest-level class does not count.
  • Dextrous:      The anthromal receives a +4 racial bonus to Balance, Jump and Tumble      checks
  • Clinging:      The anthromal can move at half speed on any surface and does not count as      being flat-footed while moving. The anthromal counts as taking 20 on any      climb checks.
  • Improved      Natural Weapon: The anthromals natural weapon damage increases by one dice      size. E.g. 1D6 becomes 1D8, 1D8 becomes 1D10